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Trump asked aides if he could pursue a wild plan to replace the Electoral College with loyalists who would ignore the vote, report says

When Trump was elected, there were liberals and leftists call for a reversal of the election by the Electoral College as well.

By Tom Porter, Business Insider

  • President Donald Trump has asked aides about a plan to remain in office by subverting the Electoral College, The New York Times reported Thursday.
  • Under the plan, GOP-controlled state legislatures would ignore the popular vote in swing states and appoint Trump loyalists as electors to secure the president a second term.
  • Business Insider reported earlier Thursday that the plan was gaining currency among some Trump supporters — despite how unlikely it is to work.
  • Experts say the plan, though technically possible, would face enormous legal and political obstacles.
  • The Times’ sources stressed that though Trump had asked about the plan, he did not seem to entertain it seriously.


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