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The US was lucky to get Trump – Biden may pave the way for a more competent autocrat

I suspect the neocons are planning to find someone they can use to harness the energy of Trumpism toward their own ends, but without the loose cannon of Trump himself. In fact, I’m certain of it. They were successful at embedding themselves in the administration to a large degree even to the point of having Elliot Abrams as Trump’s Iran envoy. Part of their strategy will probably be to add some European-style Christian Democrat talking points to their rhetorical arsenal, which they will take as seriously as their usual rhetoric about religion, patriotism, family values, “protecting life,” i.e not seriously at all.
From Damon A. Carroll:
“The utter tone-deafness and contempt with which the latte bourgeoisie have handled their election victory after 4 years of rabid, tribalist Russia-gating to delegitimize Trump at every turn, just adds fuel to the fire of Trumpism…the country is now “divided” between, on the one hand, an alliance of bourgeois totalitarian humanist cultural leftists, neoliberals and Bush-era neocons, and on the other hand, the economically leftward drifting Trumpists who seem to have more in common with the remnants of the hardliners in the Sanders movement. Trump was not a fascist, but something like a Blue-dog democrat and life long New York liberal who–despite his performative and divisive rhetoric–held arguably reasonable working-class positions on war, trade, and immigration. Now with Trump successfully neutralized, who takes his place as the leader of an ever-growing movement? It’s scary to think that an authentic neocon imperialist could fill the gap…”

By George Monbiot, The Guardian

It brought a tear to the eye and a hand to the heart. Joe Biden, in his acceptance speech, called for unity and healing. He would work “to win the confidence of the whole people”. I just hope he doesn’t mean it. If he does, it means that nothing has been learned since Barack Obama made roughly the same speech in 2008.

The United States of America is fundamentally divided. It is divided between exploiter and exploited, oppressor and oppressed. There is no unity to be found with kleptocrats and oligarchs. Any attempt to pretend there is will lead to political failure. It will lead not to healing but to a deflected polarisation. If Americans are not polarised against plutocrats, they will be polarised against each other.


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