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Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reveals his hopes for the next president: ‘I like Joe Biden’

There will be no “coup.” The ruling class and the global power elite of which it is a part have clearly spoken. Kissinger represents the very upper levels of the ruling class and is intricately connected to power elites in other nations and on an international level. His point of view is a good indication of what the global power elite is currently thinking.


To this day, Henry Kissinger is the most famous Secretary of State the US has seen.

Born in Fürth in 1923, Kissinger is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and has acted as a foreign policy advisor to all US-presidents since John F. Kennedy.

On Friday, he spoke from New York with CEO of Axel Springer SE Mathias Döpfner to mark the end of the WELT Economic Summit in Paris.

Politicians and entrepreneurs from all over the globe joined in the conversation — from Capgemini’s CEO Aiman Ezzat and the CEO of Polish airline LOT Rafal Milczarski to CEO of Rewe Group Lionel Souque and the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of WELT Group, Ulf Poschardt.

Carried out on Friday, Joe Biden was the likely winner of the presidency at the time of this interview but his victory hadn’t yet been officially confirmed.

Speaking with Mathias Döpfner, Kissinger revealed what he expected from the new president, the merits of the Trump administration, Realpolitik beyond hate, and his longing for harmony.


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