Why I OPPOSE a Biden/Harris Administration Reply

A very thorough critique of Bidenism.

By Sean Jobst

This is not an endorsement. My perspective is cultural, that true changes occur within the thinking and social actions of people, not in fleeting political charades. Its a recognition that change must occur within ourselves first and then extend outward. The most lasting politics are at the local and community level, although this has been greatly complicated by an expansive federal government. One has to wonder why every four years, the oligarchs whose deep pockets direct American political discourse get the masses to drain their energy into Presidential elections, voting for their pre-selected choices. To see what’s at stake with this 2020 election requires a broader 20/20 vision and not the rose-colored glasses of emotions and selective partisan outrage that are prone to ignorance and easily manipulated.

No matter whatever metric we use, one side is blatantly more authoritarian than the other side in its policy proposals, encroachment, and the actual record of its two leading figureheads – and that is the Democratic campaign of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


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