The Predator Class Seeks Martial Law

Derrick Broze:
Generally, as an anarchist, I take joy in seeing more and more Americans lose faith in the political system and voting. I work daily to help people understand that choosing government is not the most effective or principled way to achieve the changes we desire. I work to help others see that government is violence and cannot and will not be the purveyor of peace and liberty.
However, what we are witnessing is a fracturing of the American political system that is being manufactured by the Predator Class. They are creating chaos, confusion, and uncertainty in a way that will likely prevent the American political system from operating under “normal” conditions into the next decade or so. I wish I could say this was causing more people to let go of the political charade and focus on self-ownership and personal responsibility.
Unfortunately, it seems that “both sides” are doing what was expected – doubling down and claiming that the other side is cheating. These people are becoming even more entranced and enslaved to the system rather than letting it go. The Predator Class wants the members of the Red cult and the Blue cult to keep fighting each other online and in the streets.
This is all being done by design because they want an excuse to declare martial law. If and when that happens it won’t matter who is in the White House. It will be bad for all people and liberty.
The only hope that I see is if more and more people reject these systems, unplug from the growing technocratic state, and form communities that will thrive outside of the control paradigm. That is the solution.
If you choose, instead, to continue putting your faith in puppets from either side, don’t be surprised when you get sucked into the shit show and have your emotions manipulated. Don’t let them play you.
Reject the game. Choose self-ownership. Choose mutual aid. Choose community. Choose opting out of unsustainable, immoral systems. Choose liberty. – Derrick Broze”

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