Stop Playing the Game

Derrick Broze:
It’s going to be hell no matter what. I know SOME of you see past the games, but many of you who follow me still play the game. Here’s what I see:
1. The Biden “Revolutionaries” – these are the folks who were/are committed to supporting Biden at all cost, as long as it means no more Trump. They will likely stay silent during a Biden presidency and (as with Obama) fail to hold him accountable or protest his crimes.
2. The Trump “Resistance” – these are the people who/are totally committed to Trump no matter the controversy revealed, as long as it means no Biden/Clinton/Obama. They will spend a Biden presidency believing that Trump was a hero who was “robbed” and only oppose Biden because he is not Trump. They are already calling for a Trump 2024. (He’s not going away.)
3. The Fairweather Masses- these folks are the majority who only vote for President because “it’s our duty” or because they were pressured/shamed into it or because it’s just the trend. They will stop paying attention (if they haven’t already) in the next couple days and weeks. They will not care what Biden does or Trump does, and generally are only outraged by whatever is trending online or TV.
4. Those Who See Behind the Curtain – these people know it’s all game and no matter who is president the tyranny, Technocratic State, Great Reset, and division will continue. They understand that all Presidents are simply spokesman for the Predator Class. The smartest of this group are already actively working on ways to live outside of this coming paradigm.
Obviously, not all people can be lumped into these 4 groups, but generally I think you can see how this is going. The next 10 weeks till Inauguration day will be crucial. This is where my Darkest Winter documentary discusses the potential for chaos and unrest. Do not fall for the trap.
If you are grateful Biden appears to be President then hold his child-sniffing ass to the fire. If you are sad because Trump appears to be headed out, hold Biden (and all politicians) accountable. The Predator Class controls the political arena. We need to abandon it and build the next stage of humanity. We can do this. – Derrick Broze”

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