Why the left, including left anarchists like Chomsky/Carson, will never abolish the state

The Mindcrime Liberty Show discusses why the Left will never, in all likelihood, abolish the state. This is a continuation of an earlier episode we did with Keith Preston on “Does the left advocate a police state” but this time we state our own views. The left, compared to the right, has a very unconstrained vision in Thomas Sowell’s term such as: defeating climate change (if it exists) or public health crises, mass education, and mass healthcare, or an inequality which can only really likely be “defeated” with a state. The Mindcrime Liberty Show outlines three or four different types of the left including the social democrats, the Marxist-Leninist, and the anarcho et al or classical anarchist.

One could include primitivists but considering the fact that indigenous societies according to the myth of the ecological Indians weren’t that nice to the environment and according to mainstream natural historians might have hunted large mammals to extinction including on the process to hunting the buffalo to extinction as well. Also, considering that for the most part, indigenous societies are rather functionally “traditional” or reactionary (ranging from the Amish/Hutterites to maybe uncontacted isolated groups), most left-wing people aren’t going to become primitivists anytime soon. The social democrats are not that radical as identified by both Jeff Riggenbach as well as Jonah Goldberg (although they place them differently on the political spectrum) and are not that much different then normie conservatives, rather, just want to spend money on healthcare or public works projects instead of the military. Although considering the fact that public works projects tend to be military in intent, we at the Mindcrime Liberty Show tend to think this distinction doesn’t even exist.

The Marxist-Leninists are quite obviously “statist.” The Marxist-Leninists have always historically had a state and actually a larger, more deadly police state than either the Romanovs or the Bourbons. The hardest case for us libertarians at the Mindcrime Liberty Show to diagnose is the anarchical et al groups. We already discussed the primitivists but the more advanced anarchists must first show why they can’t defend themselves from the Marxist-Leninists? Why did the classical anarchists lose to them in both the Russian and Spanish civil war? Right libertarians might have a defense problem but so do left-classical anarchists (as well as mutualists and the other et al groups).

Finally, how do classical anarchists/mutualists deal with climate change or a major public health crisis if they of course think it’s a problem? We at the Mindcrime liberty show are agnostic or even “deniers” who tend to hold an Alex Epstein view or a Knut Wittkowski view respectively on the issues but if you listen to those “infallible” “most high and mighty” statist “experts” how are they solved under classical anarchism/mutualism considering people like us exist? Bismarckian social democrats, what functionally Chomsky is and who Carson has no problem in supporting, might be able to “solve the crisis” but as discussed that requires cops, mass education and propaganda system with authoritarian teachers, and of course a military to defend it from outsiders who would “contaminate” the system. If you believe that the world will end in 12 years such as AOC/Chomsky (more or less) then explain to me how social distancing or elimination of carbon would ever occur without a huge amount of coercion. Would carbon burners or people who want to have public gatherings be physically removed? Thus, considering all that we at the Mindcrime Liberty Show thinks the left will never or rather unlikely to abolish the state and all its apparatuses for a variety of theoretical and pragmatic reasons if anything the left considering its view on equality, the environment, and positive rights would strengthen/require a centralized state.

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