Is Libertarianism traditional or libertine w/Rik Storey. Hoppe, Tucker, Block or all the above?

The Mindcrime Liberty Show is joined by Rik Storey to discuss whether Libertarianism is a reactionary/traditional or liberal/libertine system of thinking? Is libertarianism about free love, abortion, and drugs as often times criticized by conservatives? Or is it a form of private landed patriarchal tyranny as believed by average social democrats and Noam Chomsky? We discuss the dispute between Hoppe, Tucker, and Block over what libertarian attitudes ought to be towards culture. Is Hoppe’s realistic strategy the correct strategy or is Tucker’s more liberal more likely? What is the underpinning culture of libertarianism? Is it traditional Christianity or Liberalism? Is Christianity traditional? What is libertarianism and Christianity’s relationship to family and children?

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