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LEVIATHAN AND ITS ENEMIES: Anonymous Elites in Power

It’s interesting how anticapitalism is starting to grow on the Right because many have realized the corporations are not their friends. Conservatives are always wondering why they are unable to effectively resist the leftward totalitarian drift. I would argue it is because they accept many of the same premises and foundations as their hated progressives such as, for example, the legitimacy of the state and related forms of paternalism. Social justice warriors are merely social conservatives under another name. They merely replace the traditional pieties of “faith, family, and flag” with new ones like race, gender, sexuality, health, science, equality, and ecology. Now, that the corporate class is embracing the new pieties, proponents of the old ones are moving toward anticapitalism.

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  1. As someone who feels pigeon-holed as a conservative because I shun ‘wokeness’, yet in real life am extremely radical, I much prefer the term “insurgent” as Devlin suggests. Because the progressive managers are in total control, “insurgent” is vastly more descriptive!

    • You would need to assimilate Che Guevara to get an effective grip on the decay and intractability of the deep state managerial class to combat them on their own terms….

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