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How Classism Is The ONLY Allowed Bias By The Elites

As I have said many times, partisanship and/or culture war politics is merely a manufactured effort by the power elite to obfuscate any recognition of either class oppression or state repression. The conflicts over cultural and social questions are real in the sense of US society being divided into a multiplicity of tribes with much different values than each other. However, the power elite and its kept media exploit and amp up these divisions in order to deflect attention from those actually running the system. But “class struggle” in the 21st century is not the kind of archaic welfare-statist, trade unionist model that “progressives” favor. It’s about attacking every state policy (i.e. all state policies) that are intended to centralize control over wealth, property, or resources, from the International Monetary Fund to the local zoning commission.

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