Economics/Class Relations

How Suburbanites Have Remade The Democratic Party

The Democrats are the party of the financial elites and tech-oligarchs, with the professional-managerial class and their primary constituents, and the Republicans of the part of old capitalism, with the with post-bourgeois proletariat (the dying working to middle classes) as their primary constituents. The kind of old-fashioned 19th/20th century model of class politics that this guy from the Jacobin is pushing is an anachronism. The modern “working class” is subdivided into many warring tribes that prefer their own tribal elites over proletarians from other tribes (like in World War One) and lacks the cultural homogeneity that made “class struggle in one country” possible during the eras of the industrial and managerial revolutions. Krystal has a lot of insight into certain things but it’s a shame she keeps clinging to the archaic electoralist-reformist-statist-welfarist model.

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