In Memoriam: David Graeber, 1961-2020

You don’t understand anarchist economics until you have read David Graeber and Kevin Carson.

By Kevin Carson

Center for a Stateless Society

It’s conventional to start an obituary article with a brief biographical summary, so here it is.

One of David’s pet peeves was being referred to as an anarchist anthropologist, so I’ll say that David Graeber, an anarchist and an anthropologist, died at age 59 Wednesday, September 3rd in Venice of as yet unreported causes.

He was an Occupy Wall Street activist, a professor at the London School of Economics at the time of his death, and the author of (among other things) Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology, Debt: The First 5000 Years, The Democracy Project, The Utopia of Rules, and Bullshit Jobs.

He leaves behind his wife, journalist/artist Nika Dubrovsky.

It’s also common in these things to add a personal note, but there’s not a lot to say. We knew each other casually, exchanging a few emails and interacting on Twitter a bit. Aside from that, our main connection was the influence his work had on me.


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  1. https://c4ss.org/content/53433 – I know this comment is irrelevat to the article you posted, but I wanted to respond the some parts of this article:

    I agree that there is tendency to put all feminism in one bag by its critics (using the term ‘red pill’, I agree that most people who use this term are idiots), but the author does the same thing by putting all criticism of feminism in the same bag: Such as ignoring non traditionalists MRA (See Jack Kammer). The author is also ignoring the fact that many women want to enforce men into gender roles (Probably not the ones in the author circle, but this doesn’t change the fact. – In fact, the whole heforshe was just welcome to men if you are a gender conforming male who wants to be a protector provider.) Many feminists also try to put rape and domestic abuse as a gender thing, a thing that men do to women, a position that I bet most writer on C4SS share. When, in fact, women also rape and commit sex abuse (Look for Philip W. Cook’s book, if you doubt. – Here is James Landrith talking about his rape – https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/ive-got-the-t-shirt-and-the-trauma-response-to-go-with-it/ ) And he ignores the role of some feminists in erasing male rape victims (See Mary Koss: https://toysoldier.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/mary-koss-doesnt-think-women-can-rape-men-and-boys/ ), not even Paglia and Summers talked about such issues, much less the feminists the author is trying to defend (I am forced to agree that conservatives did very little for me in these points, but the people the author is trying to defend also did nothing). I don’t want to enter in the abortion part, but I am all pro legalizing prostitution. Anita Sarkeesian received help from the UN, many people pass for what she did (assuming you trust her, what I don’t) and wheren’t in the UN. The rest is just him saying that if you don’t call yourself a feminist you are not pro equality. This article was at best pointless, at worst strawmen. It was able to ignore my real concerns while saying almost nothing relevant, if the author expect that my views will change because of this article, he is delusional.

    • I guess I am necroing this comment, but I want to point at the line: “Ayn Rand called racism collectivism for the same reason and I would argue anti-feminism is too.” – Then he must know that Nathaniel Branden (Whose version of objectivism I prefer than the ‘orthodox objectivism’) liked both Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power and Jack Kammer’s Good Will Towards Men. And more on that, there is a long list of people who wrote on MRA topics who don’t fit the conservative mode: Jack Kammer, Ally Fogg, Jeffrey Ketland, David Benatar, even Warren Farrell, all in all, is more liberal than conservative and Erin Pizzey, who is somewhat more conservative, was important on the female movement (Actually, both Farrell and Pizzey started in the women’s movement). He also downright ignores one of my favorite feminists: Karen DeCrow: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2014/06/the-now-president-who-became-a-mens-rights-activist/372742/ – In fact, I first heard about her in the mentioned above Good Will Towards Men. (Hell, the first so called MRA, Ernest Belfort Bax, was downright a socialist.) So for a guy saying ‘I would not claim that the whole movement is represented by her’, he really likes to paint in broad brushes.

      Also: “usually includes becoming a TERF and anti-feminist,” The F in TERF is for feminism, being a TERF IS being a feminst. Not all who are ‘transphobic’ are TERFs, but all TERFs ARE feminists by definition. So being a ‘TERF anti feminist’ is an oxymoron.

    • I guess I shouldn’t necro this, as it has more than one month, but here is Ally Fogg talking about Emma Goldman:

      And here he is talking about domestic violence against men:


      And he is also quoted in Cathy Young article about heforshe (but his article is dead):

      “Meanwhile, in Watson’s native England, activists from women’s organizations recently blamed the shortage of services for abused women on efforts to accommodate abused men (despite the fact that, as Guardian columnist and blogger Ally Fogg demonstrated, even the lowest estimates of the prevalence of domestic violence against men suggest that male victims are far less likely than women to get help).”


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