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Please, The Capitalist Class is Anything But Conservative

By Paul Gottfried

The American Conservative

In a perceptive and properly passionate piece on why “woke capitalism is a vanguard of unfreedom,” Rod Dreher notes that American corporations have become radically totalitarian and socially destructive. In pursuit of intersectional politics and anti-white, anti-male indoctrination, corporate executives now impose mind-boggling restrictions on employees, from forbidding them to use gender-specific pronouns to compelling them to attend tirades against “white privilege.”

Further: “The familiar left vs. right categories no longer serve as reliable guides to our cultural reality. The cultural left has captured the bureaucracies at American corporations. One thing we hear a lot from our friends on the left is that Big Business is conservative, and would never do anything that would hurt its bottom line. Wrong! I have seen personally how companies will do politically correct things that actually hurt their business model, but that win its management pats on the back among their social cohort.”


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  1. Thanks a lot for this Illiberal idiocracy disguised as a Liberal democracy. Good news Keith Preston that I’ve been able to make new friends on the internet, and they even let me add their emails, phone numbers, & Snail Mail Addresses. Also, those Politically Correct identity Politicians should be exterminated from everything Anarchist circle IMMEDIATELY!
    PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW, cool dude.

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