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Americanization: The Spread of a Dangerous Plague

One thing that I have endeavored to point out to American “radicals” is that the US government is not merely the government of the 50 states but the government of most, if not all, of the world. The US directly or indirectly controls the internal politics of the majority of the world’s nations through bribery, economic hegemony, trade dominance, military occupation, military bases, manipulating elections, manipulating the press in other countries, funding political parties, candidates, or entire states, controlling science and technology on a global scale, the global pervasiveness of the US media, arming terrorists and insurgents, and providing weapons to client states and proxy armies.

Even major Eastern powers like Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and North Korea, or Middle Eastern rogue states like Iran and Syria, are largely subordinated to the USA through their submergence in the wider global capitalist empire in which the US ruling class is the senior party. That these states either have nuclear weapons or are supported by nuclear-armed nations makes them less vulnerable to outright invasion a la Iraq. But they are still subordinated to the global superclass through which the US power elite exercises hegemony.

By Troy Southgate

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There is devilment and mischief abroad. A dangerous and unrelenting scourge is sweeping through the land like the gangrenous pustules of a medieval plague. Make no mistake, this a frightening pandemic of immense proportions and neither a designer mask nor a bottle of sanitised hand-gel will save you from the worst infestation the world has ever seen. Away from the centre, where the disease first appeared, transplanted globules of swarming bacteria take root on foreign soil and quickly begin to imitate the source. It begins with chewing gum and jazz music, soap operas and guttural slang, but soon multiplies into the morphological catastrophe of a festering social, political and economic sore that will ultimately devour its host. What are we to make of QAnon signs on the streets of Germany? Why were Far Right demonstrators in England wearing Trump t-shirts? When did an international sickness become a remedy for the ailing, somnambulistic frame of Mother Europe? Despite the everyday fiction that emanates from the psychological madness eating-away at the disturbed minds of those who line-up with the bedraggled legions of Right and Left, none of the images you see on your television screens have anything to do with black people being murdered by the police or with the laughable threat of communism. The real enemy is not the fascist/antifa idiot who stares back at you from the other side of a carefully positioned barricade, but the creeping pestilence of Americanisation and those whom it serves. That, my friends, is the real narrative and something all proud Europeans should be fighting against tooth and nail.

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