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2020 Dem platform: Radically transform the federal courts

I generally agree with Paul’s and Joseph’s argument that as soon as they get a comfortable enough electoral majority, the Democrats will likely move toward restructuring the electoral system in a way that will essentially allow them to maintain permanent victory, through methods like court-packing, increasing the size of the House and Senate, and expanding voting rights to constituents that are likely to vote Democratic (prisoners, convicted felons, non-citizens, minors, etc.). That’s doesn’t mean that formal democracy will be abolished in favor of a one-party dictatorship like North Korea. It just means the Democrats will try to maintain a permanent electoral upper hand like Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party had for 70 years in the 20th century.

Just as many liberals and leftists fear that Trump is an incipient fascist in the vein of Mussolini, many conservatives and rightists fear that the rising totalitarian humanist regime will be akin to either Communism, Latin American strongman regimes like those of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez, the government of Robert Mugabe that came to power in the former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in 1980, or post-apartheid South Africa, which experienced a massive economic decline, exploding crime rates, and a wave of hate crimes against Boers and Afrikaners.

I tend to think that fully consolidated totalitarian humanist rule in the US will be more like a hybrid of the European Union and Latin America, which essentially what California is today. The future USA will have Latin American-like class divisions, with the general set of policies that are found in the European Union which, to the detriment of conservatives, means more restrictions on free speech under the guise of combating “hate,” more gun control, a more pervasive “equality”-enforcing bureaucracy, a larger welfare state, and the expansion of the public administration state generally, although I disagree that the EU is inherently more statist than the US is at present, and even less so in some ways. The main difference will be that, unlike Europe or Latin America, the US ruling class has a massive military-industry complex under its control, which must constantly seek out new wars in order to justify its existence.

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  1. Totalitarian Humanist regime that looks like California: a very precise and probable prediction.

    It even allows room for all the vax tat, Geronticide, SOMA-coma GenRX, and pedo-gate conspiracy stuff that I find necessary for any realistic interpretation of the world!

    • It’s possible that the Latin Americanization of class relations, combined with growing civil unrest, fears of civil war, or the spiraling of ordinary crime could spark the rise of actual strongman wannabes, like an Erdogan or Duterte from the Right, or a Mugabe or Chavez from the Left. An American Erdogan would likely have to come from within the Deep State rather than from the outside and in opposition to the Deep State, and he would have to be a far more resolute figure than Trump, who is just a glorified carnival barker. Figures like Sanders and AOC would be considered centrist or slightly center-left in Europe or Latin America, and even by US standards, they’re just McGovernite liberals. They seem fringey merely because almost everyone else in Congress is a Reaganite or a Clintonian (basically two positions on the right end of the center-right by world standards). It’s absolutely insane when they get compared to Chavez, lol. And as shady as someone like Al Sharpton is, he’s no different than Trump in the sense of being just another New York con man. A guy like that is light years away from a figure like Mugabe.

      It is true that an EU-wannabe ruling class presiding over a nation with a sinking WASP working to middle class, a rapidly growing underclass, and Latin American class divisions will certainly be unstable. Most countries are unstable, but most national elites don’t have the military, economic, and technological power that the US ruling class has not to mention the police state that they’ve inherited from past generations of Reaganites and Clintonians.

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