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I generally agree with Paul’s and Joseph’s argument that as soon as they get a comfortable enough electoral majority, the Democrats will likely move toward restructuring the electoral system in a way that will essentially allow them to maintain permanent victory, through methods like court-packing, increasing the size of the House and Senate, and expanding voting rights to constituents that are likely to vote Democratic (prisoners, convicted felons, non-citizens, minors, etc.). That’s doesn’t mean that formal democracy will be abolished in favor of a one-party dictatorship like North Korea. It just means the Democrats will try to maintain a permanent electoral upper hand like Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party had for 70 years in the 20th century.

Just as many liberals and leftists fear that Trump is an incipient fascist in the vein of Mussolini, many conservatives and rightists fear that the rising totalitarian humanist regime will be akin to either Communism, Latin American strongman regimes like those of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez, the government of Robert Mugabe that came to power in the former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in 1980, or post-apartheid South Africa, which experienced a massive economic decline, exploding crime rates, and a wave of hate crimes against Boers and Afrikaners.

I tend to think that fully consolidated totalitarian humanist rule in the US will be more like a hybrid of the European Union and Latin America, which essentially what California is today. The future USA will have Latin American-like class divisions, with the general set of policies that are found in the European Union which, to the detriment of conservatives, means more restrictions on free speech under the guise of combating “hate,” more gun control, a more pervasive “equality”-enforcing bureaucracy, a larger welfare state, and the expansion of the public administration state generally, although I disagree that the EU is inherently more statist than the US is at present, and even less so in some ways. The main difference will be that, unlike Europe or Latin America, the US ruling class has a massive military-industry complex under its control, which must constantly seek out new wars in order to justify its existence.

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This is a pretty good overview of the totalitarian humanist ideology from a conservative perspective. Anti-authoritarian radicals of any kind (left, right, center, religious, anarchist or libertarian) need to be aware of this stuff. None of this has anything to do with one’s positions on topical issues any more than opposing Bolshevism has anything to do with one’s position on workers’ rights.


America’s decline: More like Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome? 1

It’s important to remember that the modern American Empire is really just an extension of the British Empire, only the capital was moved from London to Washington. I’d argue (in fact, I think it’s indisputable) that the Anglo-American (Atlanticist) Empire is simply the Roman (Mediterranean) Empire of the Christian and post-Christian era. Conventional historians typically argue Rome began with the period of Etruscan dominance around 900 BC, that the Roman monarchy began around 753 B.C., that the Roman Republic began around 509 B.C., that the actual Roman Empire began between Julius Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon in 44 B.C and 27 B.C. with the rise of his son Octavian as the absolute dictator of Rome.

I’d argue the Norman Conquest of what is now England in 1066 A.D. is comparable to the beginning of the Etruscan Period. The period between the Magna Carta and the Hundred Years War is comparable to the rise of the Roman monarchy. The Cromwellian Revolution is comparable to the rise of the Roman Republic. And the emergence of the US as a unipolar global hegemon in the post-WW2 era is comparable to the beginning of the Roman Empire.


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Hint: It ain’t the Commies.

Yours truly gets mentioned a few times in this.

One thing I would add to this discussion is that the forces of totalitarian humanism will gladly purge this Antifa trash as soon as they have fully consolidated their position, just as Hitler purged the Brownshirts as soon as they were no longer useful and became a liability.


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Trump vs. Cuomo? Two obnoxious New Yorkers pitted against each other.

I suspect Paul Gottfried is correct that if Biden wins, he will be quietly shipped off to the nursing home with his vice-present (Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Gretchen Whitmer) acting informally as the real president. A “Biden” administration and would essentially be a repeat of the Obama administration, i.e. a continuation of the Clinton-Bush-Obama neoliberal paradigm with a “left” face. A Cuomo administration would probably be the same.

As I have said before, I suspect the strategically best arrangement from the ATS perspective would be a Republican national administration (particularly one led by a perceived fascist like Trump, for the purpose of alienating the Blue Tribe from the federal government) with Democratic administrations in the states and cities (for the purpose of alienating the Red Tribe from state and municipal governments) and Republican governments in the small towns and counties (in order to exacerbate conflict between local governments and state governments and between rural and urban enclaves).


Today’s America: No place for its founders? Reply

Paul Gottfried provides a pretty good overview of US political history at the beginning of this. I don’t entirely agree with Halsey English’s paleonconnish/paleolibertarianish interpretation of US political history, but he’s correct with his observation that the traditional US republic is largely moving toward integration as province into a UN/EU-like global system.

One of the ruling class’s greatest achievements has been its ability to completely co-opt the “cultural revolution” that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s (by giving the American civil religion a new multicultural gloss) while not only preserving but strengthening capitalist class rule, strengthening the state, and expanding the empire.

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A relevant quote from the comments thread:

“Capitalism requires the State in order to operate. The modern state has been reconfigured to serve neoliberal needs. Also the govt is not a household, it is the Bill Gates of the economy . When the govt cuts spending it impacts spending in the private economy. Plus the financialisation of the economy means Capital is free to operate outside borders & is not required to invest in its country of origin. Tax cuts benefit owners of Capital. There is no guarantee that they will invest domestically.”