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QAnon Followers Are Hijacking the #SaveTheChildren Movement

SJWs, meet your counterparts. The best possible outcome to the present political conflicts would before for the Red Tribe, Blue Tribe, far-left, and far-right to have the collective effect of neutralizing each so that none of them are able to achieve very much. Let’s see some MS-13s or lizard people conspiracy theorists running for Congress. By all means, let’s lower the voting age to ten (which may still be too high as we desperate need the emerge of Free Ice Cream Party). And when are we going to see some hashtags for otherkin, transracial, and transable equality?

By Kevin Roose

New York Times

Recently, an acquaintance posted a photo on her Instagram story showing a map of the United States, filled with bright red dots.

“This is not a map of Covid,” the caption read. “It is a map of human trafficking.”

Under the photo was a hashtag: #SaveTheChildren.

A few days later, I saw the same hashtag trending on Twitter. This time, it was being posted by followers of QAnon, the sprawling pro-Trump conspiracy theory. These people were also disturbed about human trafficking, but with a dark twist: Many of them believed that President Trump was on the verge of exposing “Pizzagate” or “Pedogate,” their terms for a global conspiracy involving a ring of Satan-worshiping, child-molesting criminals led by prominent Democrats.

My acquaintance is not a QAnon believer. And she certainly doesn’t think, as some QAnon adherents do, that Hillary Clinton and her cronies are kidnapping and eating children (yes, eating them) in order to harvest a life-extending chemical from their blood.


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