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Kamala: Woke Capitalism’s Dream Pick

Kamala Harris largely symbolizes the transformation that is presently taking place in the entire Western world. The managerial revolution of the middle 20th century still functioned within the wider framework of the industrial capitalist mode of production and the bourgeois nation-state system.

However, the present transformation involves a transition away from a model of capitalism that is rooted in the industrial revolution to one that is rooted in the tech revolution, which is being accompanied by a shift away from the 19th century model of liberal-bourgeois nationalism toward a globalized technocratic multicultural statism.

The last vestiges of traditional religion are disappearing as well (at least among the power elite and managerial classes) with the new clerisy taking its place. Religious conservatives like Rod Dreher are absolutely correct in their assessment of this process, as are critics of the “new feudalism” like Joel Kotkin.

By Rod Dreher

The American Conservative

Let’s stipulate that nobody Joe Biden could have picked for his running mate would have pleased conservatives in any way. Of all the people he could have picked, I think Kamala Harris is the most dangerous, from a social conservative point of view. I’ll get to that in a second. But first, let me explain why I think she was probably the best pick for Biden.

Biden said he was going to pick a female running mate. In any other year, Elizabeth Warren would have been a stronger choice, given the role she’s carved out for herself as a scourge of Wall Street. But in this George Floyd year, Biden needed to choose a black woman — especially because the support of black voters is what saved his presidential candidacy.

Harris is very aggressive in her speeches — and that’s what Biden needs. Traditionally presidential candidates need their veep picks to be bulldogs. Trump doesn’t, but Biden really does. He gets to keep his avuncular Uncle Joe affect for one, and for another, she can throw sharp elbows that elderly Joe Biden cannot manage.

Harris is woke on all the social issues, but some progressives don’t like her because of the years she spent as a prosecutor in California. You might recall how Tulsi Gabbard rattled Harris in a Democratic candidates’ debate by grilling her on her prosecution of marijuana offenders. Overall, though, this reputation will help Biden, I believe. No progressive with a lick of sense is going to sit out the election because Officer Kamala is on the ticket. Given all the rioting this year, it is likely an advantage for Biden to be able to say he has a law-and-order progressive on his ticket — however phony that claim might be. Remember, Biden doesn’t need the pothead vote; he needs the wine-mom vote.

Finally, Biden surely knows that given his age, he is likely to be a one-term president, meaning that win or lose this fall, his VP choice will probably head the Democratic ticket in 2024 — and is a favorite to lead the party after he passes from the scene. The Harris choice is a solid bet on the future of the party.

So what’s wrong with her?


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