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Christian Parenti: How Spoiled Elites Have DESTROYED Hamilton’s Radical Legacy

It figures that a full-blown commie like Christian Parenti, son of US Marxist-Leninist godfather Mike Parenti, would be an admirer of Hamilton, and favor Hamilton over Jefferson. However, what Parenti is saying in this interview is what a genuine Marxist would say about economic history and the development of industrial capitalism. Notice that he recognizes that, contra many right-libertarians, capitalist development was the product of statism, not “laissez-faire.” Btw, Christian Parenti’s writings on the prison-industrial complex and his father’s writings on US imperialism and state propaganda techniques are quite good.

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  1. Hamilton was correct about tariffs and the need for domestic industry, internal improvements, but Jefferson was right about the need for decentralization.

    • It’s interesting how modern paleoconservatism is an almost perfect hybrid of Hamilton and Jefferson, i.e. economic nationalism combined with semi-isolationism, localism, southern agrarianism. But that’s one of the problems I see with paleoism (and right-libertarianism). It’s unlikely we will be going back to the 19th century, whether in the laissez faire Gilded Age form or the Henry Clay mercantilist form.

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