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The Rally That Changed My Mind

This video makes many valid points, and the speaker’s own YouTube channel has a lot of very good stuff.  But it is a grave error to abandon either the SJW/Antifa Left (supposed ) far-left or the (supposed center-left) Democratic Party (“walk away”) only to embrace the Republicans, Trumpism, neocons like Dennis Prager, or the “far-right.” The Republicans are a far-right militarist, imperialist, plutocratic, corporatist, police-carceral statist party that is hopefully being killed off by the farce of Trumpism and cannot die soon enough. Trumpism is a passing carnival freakshow that will leave town soon enough. Neocons like Prager and David Horowitz have made a lucrative industry out of manipulating disillusioned liberals and leftists into becoming neocon/Zionist puppets.

I’ve had fewer personal qualms about working with the far-right because it’s the only place where someone like me who simultaneously criticizes US imperialism, Zionism, capitalism, cops, and social justice warriors is welcome.  Some on the far right have good ideas on certain things (the palecons’ opposition to the US empire, right-libertarian anti-statism, the sovereign citizens’ “don’t know when to quit” antigovernmental zeal). Others have dangerous totalitarian ideas (WNs, Nazbols, NS, etc), although they have no more political influence than the Church of Scientology (and probably less influence) which makes the dangers they present largely theoretical, other than some occasional violent crime by a neo-Nazi (which is microscopic compared to all the violent crime there is in the US).

Far more problematic in the immediate sense is the number of liberal or even libertarian-minded people who come to realize that the “PC Left” is, in its more benign forms, merely a reworking of the 19th-century social purity movement within the framework of modern ideologies, or, in its more extreme forms, a reworking of traditional leftist authoritarianism or totalitarianism in the Jacobin-Marxist-Bolshevik-Maoist tradition or, alternatively, a kind of religious extremism similar to Cromwellism or Khomeinism.

And the crude race/gender essentialism/determinism of, for example, “critical race theory” is eerily similar to the racial mysticism of figures like Houston Stewart Chamberlain (“woke math” is the new “Aryan physics”).

Any reasonable person, and certainly anyone with any kind of anti-authoritarian values, should rightfully reject all of this. But that doesn’t mean we should embrace the Tsarist Party or embrace slogans like “Give Marie Antoinette her head back!” A lot of ex-commies did that in the 20th century and that’s how we got the horror show of neoconservatism (which is basically Trotskyism reconciled with social democratic/welfare capitalism, but economically conservative enough to get corporate donations, with a shift of the focus away from class struggle toward Zionism and Napoleonic Jacobin imperialism).

What we need as an alternative to both the Left and Right is a non-world dominationist anarchism that is inclusive of everyone and everything as long as it is voluntary, or at least decentralized and localized to the point that exist cost are minimal.

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