Left and Right

Former Social Justice Warrior Keri Smith About the Insanity That is White Fragility

This is an interesting discussion between two people that were once SJW-types. One of them worked in the entertainment industry, and the other in organizational development/human resources (two of the “ideas industries” where the SJW ideology is most prevalent). Their comparison of SJWism with religious extremism/cultism is apt.  One of the many negative byproducts of SJWism is that, in addition to being a form of left-wing authoritarianism that is being co-opted by the ruling class, it is likely to fuel both right-wing extremism and the mainstream Republican-oriented “right.”

Ordinary conservatives are going to be pushed toward the far-right and people with moderate or liberal opinions are going to be pushed toward the Republicans, or toward neocon-friendly liberalism (like the IDW or the circle around Dave Rubin). That’s the same trajectory that was followed by ex-Communists (“The God That Failed” types) during past generations. A lot of those types were instrumental in the development of William F. Buckley’s “movement conservatism,” Podhoretz/Kristol’s neoconservatism, and David Horowitz’s “second thoughts” movement. Others eventually became liberal imperialists (like Christopher Hitchens). Deprogrammed SJWs are going to be easy recruits for the right-wing of the ruling class’ various stooge movements.

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