Liberty & Logos – Episode 00 – ‘How did we get here?’

This is the kind of discussion that needs to happen more often. These two guys represent the best of the Left and Right.

Bellamy’s first encounter with Leviathan
Conservation came first, then anti-capitalism and human liberty came later
The Miseducation of Bellamy Fitzpatrick
Universities are good for something: their libraries!
Hume & Nietzsche
Materialism as conceptual fictions
An instinctive dislike of collectivism
Stand-up comedians are good for something!
Putting anarchist ideas into practice
Awaken the wokeness
Continental philosophy is good for something: inoculation against wokeness
A disappointment that the milieu didn’t have more interest in the fringe
Little Black Cart: an atmosphere of questioning
The Land Project comes to the foreground
Foreshadowing later episodes on pan-secessionism
The spiritual awakening
The perennial philosophy
3 big questions: politics, ecology and spirit

Amory was a precocious brat
Stunned by mass ritual behavior
School as a madness to be questioned
TV gives glimpses of a world that is not as it seems
The ‘rents can’t offer much of a perspective
5 years in the wilderness of drug culture
Neo-conservatism as a beacon in the darkness
Neo-con into Neo-lib into Paleo-lib into ?
The challenge and reward of building a foundationalist philosophy
New frameworks emerge: Feminism, the environment, anti-civ
Questioning ‘what really happened’ is absolutely key
The more things the PTB lie about, the more you have to conclude that a LOT is being hidden
Materialism: the ultimate lunacy
Questioning brings clarity, but discussion does this a lot better!

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