American Decline

Where does the 2020 election stand — and how might it turn out?

What I find most interesting about the upcoming election is the way that the two sides now view each other as existential enemies. Whichever side wins, I’m positive the other side will challenge the legitimacy of the results. For any kind of parliamentary state to function, the losing side has to be willing to lose gracefully on the notion that they will get another chance.

When no less than Noam Chomsky, the Left’s leading intellectual, considers Trump “the greatest criminal in history” and the Right considers Trump their “Flight 93” plan, it’s clear the two sides view each other as the equivalent of enemy nations.

As a political atheist, I personally view all of this the same way I view the Shia vs. Sunni rivalry in the Middle East or Protestants vs. Catholics in Northern Island or Hindus vs. Muslims in South Asia, i.e. no horse in the race. I used to think Americans were too lazy to actually fight a civil war but with the recent state-induced depression and medical martial law, that may be changing.


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  1. Prior to the 2016 election, Democrats were accusing Trump of him going to reject the outcome of the vote in the presidential race. Oddly, after the election, it was Hillary Clinton who displayed the most unwillingness to accept the result of the election.
    Talk of this nature is starting again.

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