Why does it seem like both parties are trying to lose in 2020?

Krystal and Saager point out something that is really important in this, i.e. that the two parties’ leadership is more concerned about deflecting “radicals” in their own party than actually winning elections, which is consistent with my view that we really have three parties: The Neoliberal Centrist Party (with two factions, moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans), the Trumpist Party, and the Social Democratic Party.

This week on #RisingQs hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti answer Rising fans’ questions on the ideological diversity of Congress, why both parties seem like they’re trying to lose on purpose, and the importance of authenticity versus platform.

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  1. Wendy wiener and the other guy….There are ONLY TWO CORPORATE
    ENTITIES, who OWN the territory that comprise the Corporate Labels that the OWN…They can exclude anyone they choose who they deem do not fit the Corporate charter. This has been supported by Federal Case Law. They are Private Clubs……
    Everyone can move past the Police Tape, there’s nothing here to see.

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