Economics/Class Relations

The Problem is the System, Not Its Mercenaries

By Troy Southgate

Having mentioned in an Anarchist forum that George Floyd was apparently charged with holding a gun to the stomach of a pregnant Black woman, or so various sub-media sources claim, I was criticised on the basis that it does not justify his murder. That’s perfectly true, of course, but my intention was to provide information and I was not inferring that it is somehow acceptable for police scum to choke somebody to death. However, when an individual is being hailed as a martyr for freedom and justice it is important to put things into context. This incident is being used to manipulate public dissent and ensure that people focus on the mercenaries of capitalism rather than on the more serious issue of the System itself.

Why on earth do filth like Derek Chauvin and his non-white associates exist in the first place? The buck does not stop with them, and neither will a lack of choking citizens – black or white – solve the world’s problems. Community defence is crucial, but we need to focus on the disease and not become solely preoccupied with the symptoms. Last night, for example, when I posted another story that I believed to be factual, I was told by an anti-fascist contact of mine that the information was incorrect and happily took it down. It’s important to work through these things together, not conceal stories because they don’t happen to fit our personal narratives. As the puppet-states of the globalist empire keep telling us, “we’re all in this together,” just not for the reasons they say we are.

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