Exiting Anarchist Politics: Pan-Anarchism in Action?

The eco-villagers, exitarians, panarchists, radical anc-aps/agorists, national-anarchists, bolobolo fans, democratic confederalists, startuppers, intentional communards, neo-tribalists, PLEers, SEZers, crypto-anarchists, seasteaders, smart citiers, new urbanists, micronationalists, and Benedict optionists all have some interesting ideas that might fit under the paradigm of pan-anarchism, from far left to far right, and spanning the cultural, ethnic, ideological, and religious spectrum.


What is an Exitarian? Discussing exiting “anarchist politics”, opening up a free market of governance, and implementing it in the real world in an actual framework of different kinds of free, decentralized communities.



Take a look at 3 of Ulex’s leaders discussing the technology, law, business and philosophy of Ulex and Holochain! Tom W. Bell teaches law at Chapman University, and is the founder of Ulex! Learn about how law doesn’t have to come from government, and what you can do to make it so. Philip Saunders is a veteran of the Ethereum smart contract space, and is one of the largest contributors to the Ulex open-source development project. Matthew Schutte is an avid surfer and director of communications at Holo – the next stage in decentralized ecosystems that transcend blockchain.

The CEO of the Startup Societies Foundation, Joseph McKinney, outlines that a new world is possible in the depths of these turbulent times. He discusses on Startup Societies can help build new institutions in a Post Covid World.

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