The Anarchist Economic Wars Escalate

I know and like Derrick and Will. They both do very good work in their respective domains though, as I suspected, the Minneapolis situation appears to be driving a deeper wedge between anti-capitalist and proprietarian anarchists. I’m generally okay with looting Target, but I’m also generally okay with others disagreeing. In 2016, I knew self-proclaimed and unquestionably sincere anarchists and libertarians who voted for either Hillary or Trump, which for me was a facepalm moment, but nothing I felt any need to hate anyone over. I knew people on “both sides” of the 2017 debacle in Charlottesville who were pissed that I didn’t fully take their “side,” but, hey, I call them like I see them.

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  1. It’s very unfortunate to see our comrades get divided on all sorts of stuff, Keith Preston, although I still like & admire both Will Schnack & Derrick Broze. There’s stuff that puts me at odds with Will Schnack on, like anime especially the adorable Lolis, since it does seem to creep him out, but at least he thinks it shouldn’t be a crime which is good. He also has disagreements with me on abortion as well when I propose the idea of Pro-Life Polygamy Mutualism.
    Will Schnack thinks there’s a connection between anime/nanga & pedophilia which is not even true, & that can get him easily debunked by the Prostasia Foundation.
    What’s scary is that some of my absolute most favorite hobbies are constantly under attack from various angles, mostly (((Conservative Evangelical Christian Zionist))) scum & even the illiberal fake left woke identity politicians as well. The Prostasia Foundation is basically the only good child protection organization thatI actually do have trust & respect for.

  2. As someone who lives near the “riots” of last night, I decided not to attend. However, I can say that the looting was not just Target. The word is 175 businesses were smashed and grabbed, and a whole lot of them were mom-and-pop shops. I drove around the area before it happened, and it was clear something was brewing, and felt opportunistic rather than principled.

    • Only giant corporations deserve to get smashed & grabbed, while small local businesses should be protected by armed local patrons, & I totally side with Nicky Reid & Natasha Marie​​ on this situation.

        • It is my understanding that during the Chinese revolution, Mao took great pains to make sure his people treated the lower classes good, helping with farm work, etc., while making sure the ire was directed at the feudals. This was not a moral stance as much as practical. The “brush fires” cab not be spread if the fuel all burned.

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