‘The Anarchist Post-Capitalist Vision’

An-com Wayne Price on post-capitalism.

I should probably point out that NONE of the perspectives I have posted here recently care for my position. Not Price, not Carson, not WSA, not LibCom, not Anarkismo, and not orthodox libertarians. I’m generally too libertarian for the libsocs/libcoms/an-syns/an-coms, and “too left” for the an-caps/orthodox libertarians. For the left-libertarians/anarchists, I have the additional liability of being a supposed “fascist” fellow traveler, mostly because I recognize tendencies like national-anarchism as legitimate branches of anarchism, and that the anarchist principles of decentralized voluntary association imply a cultural pluralism where someone, somewhere, somehow might do something “un-progressive” or “reactionary.”

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  1. These discussions on anarco-in-fighting are super interesting, but I honestly don’t have the brain-power to keep it all straight.

    Personally, the idea of “markets” to me is something like a dance party. We can all argue over which music is to played, or which dance is better (techno, hip-hop, ballroom, salsa, swing, and all other such kinds of derivatives and sub-genres such as west-coast vs lindyhop vs balboa). We can even say one kind of dance is more ‘traditional’ or ‘original’ or even more “sold-out”.

    How about this: You go do your thing, I do mine. You are allowed to get your nose all up in my business and tell me my way is not the best, and I’m allowed to laugh in your face and tell you to fuck off.

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