Individual Autonomy and Self-Determination

Carson replies to Wayne Price

By Kevin Carson

Center for a Stateless Society

Wayne Price’s overall summary of my approach in Studies in Mutualist Political Economy (also available online) is quite even-handed and fair (unlike some others, e.g. the critique of Markets Not Capitalism, ed. by Charles Johnson and Gary Chartier, by Crimethinc’s Magpie Killjoy — see William Gillis‘s rebuttal). He starts out with something of a compliment about my analysis of capitalism in the first two sections of the book:

Kevin Carson is attempting to resurrect anarchist economic theory. This is interesting because most current anarchist political economy is speculation about a post-capitalist, post-revolutionary, economy—what it would look like and how it might work. There is little or nothing of an analysis of how present-day capitalism functions. For that, most anarchists either rely on some variety of conventional (pro-capitalist) economics or they look to aspects of Marxism.

And he accepts — as opposed to grudgingly stipulating — the essentially non-capitalist nature of the market model I propose.


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