Left-Market Rambling Reply

The libcoms attack Carson.


Kevin Carson responded to an article in Ideas and Action, the webzine of Workers Solidarity Alliance criticizing C4ss. I am member of WSA and have contributed to Ideas and Action and plan to regularly so I thought I would respond to Carson. I should make clear that I have never been a fan of Carson or C4ss. I have major disagreements with both, some of which I will elaborate on in this article.

It’s honestly hard to know where to start because Carson’s response is barely able to muster up a coherent retort to any of the points made in the Ideas and Action piece. Most of his response is just rambling that has no hope of actually being understandable. I’m just not sure what I am suppose to do with two paragraphs of rambling about “capital outputs”, a term I have only ever heard Carson use even though I regularly study economics and could not find any references to when I googled. The best I can do is separate the actually coherent arguments from the rest and respond to those.


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