In Which the Anarcho-Syndicalists Discover Free-Market Anti-Capitalism

Carson defends himself against the an-syns and bashes paleolibs along the way.

By Kevin Carson

Center for a Stateless Society

Most of the hatred directed at Center for a Stateless Society these days comes from the paleo-conservatives at and, and their almost indistinguishable friends on the alt.right. So it’s kind of refreshing to get some negative attention from the Old Left for a change — namely, the anarcho-syndicalists at Workers’ Solidarity Alliance (Geoff R and Bryer Sousa, “A Free Market Fantasy,” Ideas and Action, Nov. 7). Even so, it’s a bit disappointing. I wouldn’t expect them to match the paleocons in vituperation — nobody can beat constipated, elderly white men at that — but I would at least hope for something better in the way of intellectual quality.


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