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What would an American populist uprising look like?

An actual populist uprising will take place outside of all this electoralist bullshit. Krystal and Saager are decent journalists but they epitomize why reformism fails. I like the way they constantly bash neoliberals but the FDR nostaglism gets a bit old. I’ve noticed that virtually the full-range dissident economic opinion buys into this nonsense, including Dengists like Caleb Maupin, “anarchists” like Noam Chomsky and his acolytes, the spectrum of do-gooder left-liberals and social democrats (Krystal, Bernie, AOC, Kulinski, Pakman, the Jacobin boys), all the way over to economic nationalists like Saager and Tucker Carlson. The shared line is “Maybe this neoliberalism thing has gone too far, maybe we should turn back the clock to the New Deal paradigm!” The exception seems to be the “Let’s go back to the Gilded Age!” libertarians (we’re in the new Gilded Age now, guys).

The New Deal was part of the problem, i.e. failure to counter the managerial revolution of the Great Depression by fully vanquishing the ruling class, not saving the ruling class through the creation of a populist facade. (And, for all my fascist/NS or Marxist readers, fascism and communism were simply the Central European and Asian versions of the managerial revolution).

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  1. It came and went. It looked like the “Tea Party” wing of the Outer Party that arose from populist opposition to Dubya’s open-borders policies circa 2002-05 and rose to prominence in the 2010 midterms. Its last gasp was the 2016 election, in which an outsider with no political credentials whatsoever was elected on the basis that, well, at least he wasn’t a psychopath like the Inner Party’s darling Hillary, and hey, he talks about building a border wall and “making America great again.” It guttered out in an implosion of broken promises. It’s done.

    Orange Man, who found an angry crowd marching to the right and successfully positioned himself in front of them and convinced a few of them that he’s their leader, is–well. Everyone with eyes to see noticed that his populism and patriotism are recent affectations, a mile wide and an inch deep, may even win reelection this autumn, insofar as the Inner Party is apparently committed to running the incoherent and probably senile Joe Biden, if only because when the normies think of a Joe Biden who is in possession of the nuclear launch codes but not his marbles, it gives them the same *frisson* of existential terror that they got in 2016 when they imagined Hillary clutching the nuclear “football” to her cold and withered bosom and cackling like the Crypt Keeper from the old “Tales from the Crypt” television program.

    Nonetheless, the fat lady is already waddling out to the podium, her sheet music in hand.

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