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Libertarians Are Still The Worst ft. Ron Paul

This video featuring a group of Marxoids/Berniebros from The Jacobin is a perfect illustration of how the mainstream economics debate pitting “socialism” versus “capitalism” represents a false dichotomy that should be discarded. Both Ron/Rand Paul fans and these Jacobin guys need to go back and read their nineteenth-century anarchist, utopian, and socialist literature on Proudhonian and other forms of actual anti-capitalist, anti-statist economics. All of these folks are a more than century behind the learning curve.

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  1. Its so sad to see Right-Libertarians, especially the Randian asshats go even more down hill than say dumb conservative teabaggers or even antifa ancom shenanigans, becauseits time to either adapt or bust, & those Randian asshats will get busted for failing to adapt to the times. Mutualism & Individualist Anarchism FTW!

    • I’m not an economist, but believe the Labor Theory of Value was behind the curve at its inception.

      Additionally, one of the main reasons I find the ‘left’ lacking is that they claim not to, they seem to always be obsessed with materialism! It’s forever: “if only my needs met, then I would be happy!”

      Austrians at least seem to grasp that the lack of things is a sliding scale, and life involves an array of things outside of material needs.

      • I’m neither an Austrian nor a Marxist. Of the major economic paradigms, I would probably be closer to institutional economics, or maybe even behavioral economics.

  2. Bhahahaha, since when is “free-healthcare” for the middle-class of the richest most powerful nation on earth considered revolutionary!?

    Of course some privileged young white American dude having to rely on charity care is an outrage! Save us government please!

    • Ah shit, here we go again with this white male privilege BULLSHIT, and Capitalism is absolutely not the free market at all. MARKETS NOT CAPITALISM, LET THE FREE MARKET EAT THE RICH, & FREE MARKET ANTI-CAPITALISM IS THE WAY TO GO! Even though I still like Adam Kokesh, I just don’t agree with him on the Austrian Economics BULLSHIT.
      That’s why Free Market Anti-Capitalism, Mutualism, and Individualist Anarchism are the way to go, dude

      • I agree, we should all stick together. It just seem petty to bash Ron Paul because he is a ‘racist’ Minarchist and yet let all the statists who want forced government education slide. They are magnitudes more dangerous.

        • Right. I did a debate with a left-anarchist once where he said that he had more respect for a statist with “integrity” as opposed to a non-statist without “integrity” (presumably, a racist or someone with moral views outside the liberal-left paradigm). I take the opposite view. I generally don’t care what someone’s “moral” views are as long as they keep it out of the state. Be a Moonie if you want. Anarchism in practice would be a plurality of moralities.

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