The lockdowns may be the greatest mistake in history

Whether it’s a “mistake” or not is beside the point. We need reparations from the state now. Total moratorium on rent, mortgages, utility bills, credit cards, student loans, medical bills, and car payments. If you take away peoples’ livelihoods, then you owe them. Period. It’s no different than if an individual breaks a person’s leg. They owe the injured party crutches and the cost of their doctor bills. Period. The state has essentially bankrupted the working class while engineering a looting spree for the ruling class. Once again, we need reparations from the state now. The supposed “extremism” of the anti-lockdown protests should be made to look like a church social in comparison.

I’ve seen some leftists complain that the anti-lockdown protestors have gotten more publicity than strikes that have occurred during the lockdown (there have been something like 150 so far). But that’s the point. Anti-lockdown protestors are more provocative and easier for the media to portray as crackpots and sinister extremists (and therefore generate greater publicity). Rent and labor strikers need to counter that by “out-extremisting” the anti-lockdown protestors and making them look like moderates in comparison. The “alternative media” needs to turn up the volume louder and louder in favor of a militant pro-reparations effort.

“So you think those fruitbats with camo and guns prowling the Michigan state house were threatening? You ain’t seen nothing yet!”


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