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Bernie Sanders can win because this isn’t Ronald Reagan’s America any longer

This article was written in February before the Democraps literally conspired to ensure Sanders’ loss on Super Tuesday by pulling back all their house candidates at the same time and ordering them to endorse Dementia Man, except for Lizzie the Scamster, whom they kept in the race as a faux “progressive” spoiler. I’m not a Sanders’ guy at all, but the best thing about his campaign is that it hopefully demonstrated to his fans, particularly the younger ones, what a farce and a joke electoral politics actually are. Although some of them are now working on the dumbass idea of a “third party” (as if there is not already plenty of those).

By Alexander Friedman

Market Watch

JACKSON, Wyo. (Project Syndicate) — For the past 50 years, almost every U.S. presidential election has brought a new swing of the national political pendulum.

Richard Nixon’s shifty administration gave way, after Gerald Ford was in office long enough to pardon his former boss, to the choirboy Jimmy Carter. Four years later in rode Ronald Reagan, and then, following George H.W. Bush’s one-term interregnum, came America’s first baby boomer president, Bill Clinton.

An impeached (but brainy) philanderer, Clinton was succeeded by Bush’s son, the moralizing and anti-intellectual George W. Bush, who then gave way to the Spock-like Barack Obama, before the pendulum’s widening swing extended all the way to the unprecedented fringe of Donald Trump.


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