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Covid’s war on women

Is the coronavirus a tool of the phallocracy? Not that it’s a pissing contest, but more men than women have died from COVID-19 so far. This is Rush Limbaugh-like “left parody” material here.

By Ryan Heath and Renuka Rayasam


During this plague year, there is almost never good news, only degrees of bad news. Even so, the pandemic has been different (and worse) for girls and women.

It’s true that more men are dying than women from Covid-19 around the world — but that’s not exactly cause for celebration.

Another ambivalent data point: More workplace risk is falling on women, who are more likely to be considered essential workers. The upside to that is still having a job, but at what price? Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde pointed out today in a POLITICO interview that “70 percent of those working in health care and elderly care are women.”

More of the daily grind tends to fall, on average, on women: From the increased cleaning and chores that come with more time spent in the home, which falls disproportionately to so many female household members, to the extra education and childcare work created through closures of school and day care, where men have also been known, on average, to skimp.


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