Goofy Gillis Comes Out as a Neighborhood Nationalist

In service of the therapeutic state and the white coast priesthood.

But, Goofy, what about your pathological phobia that “neighborhood nationalists” are going to infringe upon someone’s freedom to do their own thing?

It’s possible to recognize that the present situation is a genuine public health crisis and that COVID-19 is a genuinely dangerous pathogen, while at the same time being concerned about government overreach, economic dislocations, ruling class looting, political class opportunism, media hypocrisy, and scientism masked as deferential piety.

Just because there has been an outbreak of the plague, does not mean that the kings, lords, aristocrats, and clerisy are no longer a bunch of scumbags. And vigilantism by the peasants and serfs is just as likely to lead to witch hunts and pogroms as it is to the enforcement of a rational quarantine.


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  1. oh the irony, Keith Preston, it’s so ironic. besides, I’m always in favor of getting rid of all nation states & world governments in favor of Micronations, Autonomous Zones, & Federations

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