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GOP lawmakers slam proposals for guaranteed income amid pandemic

The throne and altar party says let them eat cake.

During the industrial revolution, there were actually what Marx derided as “feudal socialists,” i.e. royalists, aristocrats, and clerics who recognized the need to address the dislocations caused by industrialization (kind of like our present-day Tucker Carlsons, Saager Enjetis, Josh Hawleys), largely as a means of warding off a revolution, while other throne and altar types took the “let them eat cake” attitude (the approach favored by Steve Scalise, who apparently didn’t learn anything from getting shot).

By Juliegrace Brufke
The Hill

House Republicans are pushing back on the idea of providing a minimum guaranteed income to Americans amid the financial fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) expressed an openness to the concept on Monday during an interview with MSNBC while discussing the financial aid recently approved by Congress to help bolster the economy.

“Let’s see what works, what is operational and what needs attention,” she said.

“Others have suggested a minimum income, a guaranteed income for people. Is that worthy of attention now? Perhaps so,” Pelosi continued. “Because there are many more people than just in small business and hired by small business … that may need some assistance as well.”

While Congress previously passed coronavirus relief measures that included provisions to provide up to $1,200 to individuals and forgivable loans to small businesses, proponents of a universal basic income have argued that Congress needs to do more to help Americans stay afloat.


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