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Trump: America’s LAST Republican President

Will the US be a one-party state in the future? In the past, I have thought that as the Republicans’ demographic base continues to shrink they would likely reinvent themselves as a pretend populist-nationalist part (which has since happened with Trump) and that some on the right would move to a more extreme position (e.g. Alt-Right).  But the key to remaining competitive for the Republicans is likely to develop the ability to attract more union members, Hispanics, and African-Americans who feel threatened by a combination of “free trade” (neoliberal economics) and immigration. A GOP that reinvented itself in the image of France’s National Rally (semi-isolationist, populist, to the left of neoliberalism on economics, and comparatively more “liberal” social questions) might be able to hold its ground to a much greater degree than the dying Buckley-Goldwater-Reagan “conservative” coalition of military hawks, corporatists, and social conservatives. Read about the LePenist movement in France and notice the similarities between it and Trumpism.

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  1. I have no idea why would you use a video from Black Pudgeon Speaks, a mostly stupid dishonest YouTube channel, but you’re commentary is as splendid as always, Keith. I already know there’ll be lotsa changes in this new decade, both good & bad.

    • I post commentary here from all over the political spectrum, from commies to the far right. I’m not into one-dimensional thinking. The world is more complex than that.

      • Yes, I’m aware, Keith Preston, & i do agree with you on why American Binary Politics is such a curse. You already know that I’m a Left-libertarian, Mutualist, & Individualist Anarchist for all these several months since over a year ago, & it’s such a shame that you’ve been permabanned from Facebook.

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