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Will Biden even make it to debate Trump?

Ideally, a serious anarchist movement in North America, as I have long argued, would be a “revolutionary left” that regards neoliberals as “the main enemy,” and “attacks the Left from the left,” by pointing out the historic treachery of the Marxists (First International, Kronstadt, Barcelona, etc), the historically reactionary nature of progressives (Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, etc) and the historic co-optation of social democrats (World War One), while cultivating alliances with anti-authoritarian, decentralist, anti-statist, and libertarian tendencies from all over the political, religious, cultural, and economic spectrum, nurturing anti-authoritarian tendencies everywhere, within the context of the broader anarchist principles of decentralism, federalism/confederalism, anti-statism, mutualism, free association, etc.

Unlike most anarchists in North America, I do not regard the “right-wing” as the main problem. The right-wing is a coalition of economic, cultural, generation, ideological, and generational forces that have been losing power for decades and are continuing to do so. For instance, the Republicans were able to win in 2016 only because an interloper stepped in and moved the party’s rhetoric considerably to the Left on trade, class relations, foreign policy, even gay rights, while the Democrats’ candidate was an avowed, unapologetic pro-ruling class candidate that generated reduced voter turnout, fewer minority votes, fewer working-class votes resulting in the loss of the Rust Belt, more votes for third parties, etc. Even then, Trump lost the popular vote and only won in the Electoral College.

“Right-wingophobia” is a losing strategy. Ask Hillary Clinton.

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