A Reminder of Why I am an Anarchist

The current public health/economic crisis is definitely a reminder of why I am an anarchist. Thus far, the responses to the situation by the various factions of the state/ruling class/power elite have been as follows:

Republicans: “The ruling class is suffering. Let’s bail them out! Maybe give a little bit of stuff to the peasants as well so they don’t pitchfork us.”

Neoliberals: “Let’s see if we can be even bigger scumbags that the Republicans! Aim high!”

Conventional Democrats: “We can use this bailout thing to get some more loot for our preferred categories of parasites!”

Libertarians: “Do nothing! Let the state-corporate economy take care of it. That’s how the free market works!

Leftists: “Expand the welfare state! Nationalize the means of production! New Class Uber Alles!”

As I have said before, the appropriate anarchist response to this situation is to initiate a debt strike (i.e. no more payments to state-supported institutions, e.g. banks, corporations, landlords, universities, utility companies, medical-industrial-complex, etc.) and demand reparations from the state/ruling class (i.e. reclamation/liberation of previously looted resources).

And we don’t want just forty acres and a mule. We want the whole damn plantation.

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  1. I would love nothing more than to see this happen, but looking at how obedient people are at the moment, don’t hold much hope of that happening.

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