Italian Anarchist Federation : #Coronavirus and emergency – We do not forget which side of the barricade we are on

Communique by the Correspondence Commission of the Italian Anarchist Federation about the coronavirus and the state of emergency.

Originally published by the Italian Anarchist Federation. Translated by Enough 14.

In the face of this crisis, state and capital are showing, with unprecedented evidence, their immense limitations and their structural inability to take account of people’s needs and health.

In Italy, the political choices of governments have constantly cut public health (more than public, state). Some of the few resources have been diverted to private healthcare, even during the current emergency. The contemporary “regionalization”, according to a corporate-capitalist model, has then made this service, which in theory should be universal, strongly differentiated between regions and regions, between rich and poor regions.

Patients have become customers and care services monetized in a general framework of competition and profit.

This approach to the health service reveals its real face in this dramatic moment, leaving us all at the mercy of its philosophy, which is certainly not that of human compassion and recognition of the other as our fellow human beings, but that of calculating the minimum material requirements for maximum profit, which is now translated into the lack of equipped facilities, hired staff and consumption material in warehouses.


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