Economics/Class Relations

The Ruling Class Stakes Out Its Position During the Crisis

“Most people assume that what we are presently witnessing in the towns and cities of Europe is a moment of great weakness for the globalist establishment, but this is clearly not the case and the enemies of free-thought and territorial sovereignty are carefully manouvering themselves into an even stronger position. The fact that our respective military units are carrying weapons and driving armoured vehicles should be enough for most people to conclude that they have not come to help your dear old granny with the groceries. Typically, it has become common to read thousands of posts in which mainstream people are expressing their gratitude for being asked to withdraw into their houses and insisting that the presence of the army is making them feel much safer. Try saying that in the event that you have to run the gauntlet of martial law just to get Hungry Horace some more sliced bread for his egg soldiers. The same soldiers, presumably, that will make him grow up with a similar brainwashed mentality. It was William Cobbett who observed “I defy you to agitate any fellow with a full stomach,” so whilst there seems little reason to break the law when everything is going your way and there is enough food to go round, let’s see how you get on if things start deteriorating. I guarantee that you’ll become one of the best molotov cocktail waiters in town.” -Troy Southgate

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