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Why are Millennials and Zoomers going socialist?

I have long argued that in the future the domestic politics of the US will increasingly resemble those of the European Union, with neoliberals solidly representing the right, social democrats representing the left, and a comparatively small but loud right-wing populist tendency. Every cultural, demographic, generational, and partisan trend indicates this. It’s an exaggeration (a big one) to claim Millennials are “going socialist.” They’re going progressive liberal/social democratic (which probably puts them slightly to the left of Eisenhower on economics). We’re seeing that emerge now with the social democrats vs neoliberals rivalry in the Democrapic Party, and the Repugnicans embracing faux populism for the sake of their own survival. Some of the widest class divisions in the US are in the deep red zones, which is why Tom Cotton (Zionist Stooge-Arkansas), Mitch McConnell (All Purposes Scumbag-Kentucky), and Mitt Romney (Plutocratic Corporatist-Utah) are now suddenly joining the Yang Gang during a time of economic crisis.

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