Trans-Tribalism or: Why Traditionalists Should Stop Worrying and Embrace the Queer Revolution

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

I like conservatives. Not all conservatives. Not the bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran kind or the endangered white male victim kind. But the Traditionalist kind. The Old Right, Paleolibertarian, fuck-you-mind-your-own-damn-business kind. I like people like Bill Kaufman, Wendell Berry, Ron Paul and H.L. Mencken. I admire the prose and courage of Yukio Mishima. I appreciate the insight of Martin Heidegger. I think Oswald Spengler’s ideas are at least as prophetic as those of Gramsci and Marx. I even think Alain de Benoist has a few good ideas (and about 67 bad ones). Justin Raimondo used to be one of my favorite writers before he mysteriously vanished up Donald Trump’s orange asshole. And I consider antifa-hate-thing Troy Southgate to be a personal friend of mine.

This isn’t to say that I consider myself to be a conservative. Not by a long shot. I’m a queer Yippie anarchist who’s madly in love with the Frankfurt School, still reactively defends the legacy of the Cuban Revolution and supports reparations, albeit voluntary ones. I’ve been called an SJW so many times, I mistake it for my initials. But I also have a lot in common with the more anti-establishment fringes of the right. I love guns, hate the government and despise Joe Biden almost as much as I do Hillary Clinton. I genuinely believe that an ideal society should be centered around agrarian village life and that the millionaires in Manhattan and Bel Air are so divorced from reality that they don’t even realize that they’re already living in hell. I even got my start sharpening my literary teeth as an online provocateur on the boards of the isolationist (Scott Horton won’t publish me because he has a bug up his ass about Gonzo journalism but my dear friend Angela Keaton will probably die trying to convince him otherwise, god bless her soul.) But in spite of all this common ground, most Traditional Conservatives don’t like me. Most Traditional Conservatives don’t like me because they are repulsed by my fluid gender identity.


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  1. This is very beautifully written from the heart. Thank you.

    As someone who came from the traditional religious “right”, and is now a voluntaryist, I also try to help my friends see that the way someone expresses their gender is not a threat to them. Rather, they could embrace a large segment of “the left” who actually don’t want to force them to believe anything or do anything, but like most people just want to be treated with kindness, and respect, and who generally want to be left the fuck alone to live their lives in peace. Sláinte!

  2. If you want the Gay-Tranny Revolution, you belong to the Left.

    The whole point of our prejudice against you is to keep you out. Go be a socially retarded sexual freak somewhere else. The whole nexus of Left-Liberalism is set up to coddle and encourage you in every way.

    • The whole point of “our” prejudice? I thought Attack The System is prejudiced against the government, not the gays. Huh. I think it’s kinda funny how you made your little comment, no one cared, so you came back to blah blah blah so more. So here’s that damn attention you obviously want.

  3. Here you go:

    “Do we really attract more people into our ranks by having so many self-hating whites, bearded ladies, cock-ringed queers, or persons of one or another surgically altered “gender identity” in our midst? Is this really something the average rebellious young person wants to be associated with? Could we not actually attract more young rebels into our ranks if all of this stuff was absent? I believe we could.”

  4. The backstory to the piece Arcrevenant is quoting from above is interesting. That was written about 10 years ago when I was working with a “left-libertarian” tendency that later became the foundation of C4SS (which didn’t exist at the time).

    My politics then were the same as they are now, i.e. left-anarchism plus some modern tweaks (like the critique of totalitarian humanism,, fourth generation warfare, anti-globalization geopolitics, etc.), but brought under the wider “pan” umbrella. All the stuff that’s described in the ATS statement of purpose, basically.

    There were folks in the left-libertarian circle waging an online crusade against me because of my association with national-anarchism, and my rejection of the left/right paradigm in favor of panarchism/pan-anarchism, and my outreach to right-wingers of other kinds (like palecons, right-libertarians, miltia/patriot types,Alex Jones fans, etc). I wasn’t associated with the Alt-Right at the time because it hadn’t been invented yet, either. My position was that left-libertarians should take an approach like ATS while my opponents wanted an approach that was more like the SJW approach (although the term SJW wasn’t in vougue then). It seemed to me at the time that my opponents simply wanted anarchism/libertarianism/anti-statism to be a branch office of the wider idpol, PC, antifa, SJW, cultural left, whatever milieu (again, some of those terms weren’t in vogue then).

    The “LGBT” types in the left-libertarian milieu were the ones leading the crusade against me. The piece I linked to above was calling them out on the issue of whether anarchism/libertarianism was going to be a movement against the state, ruling class, empire, etc or was it simply going to be some kind of “gay nationalism” or whatever?

    I was essentially saying that what are now called SJWs were trying to hijack libertarianism toward their own ends that had nothing to do with libertarianism. At the same time however I was working with a gay left-anarchist guy who wanted to from a Queer ATS chapter. This is his old blog: There was also a gay New Right guy in England that was associated with N-AM at the time: He has since regrettably passed away.

    I have to stand by that original piece because many of the things I discussed in that proved to be highly problematic a few years later. When the Ron Paul moment came, libertarianism began to grow exponentially, and libertarianism had a moment in the sun for a while. Occupy and all that stuff was going on at the same time, and it was a golden opportunity to begin building an anti-authoritarian mass movement. But such a movement needed to practice solidarity across the range of anti-authoritarian thought and tendencies, and develop a strategy that was both inclusive and immune to cooptation by the ruling class (which is was the ATS position that was developed years earlier was about).

    Regrettably, libertarianism degenerated into a microcosm of the wider society with the Red/Blue tribal civil war taking over. So you had left-leaning libertarians like Kevin Carson and Cathy Reisenwitz becoming SJWs and you had right-leaning libertarians becoming white nationalists (the Chris Cantwell deviation). Todd Seavey had a blog post back then describing what was happening:

    By that time, I was working quite a bit with the recently invented Alt-Right. Initially, they were a mixture of palecons, right-libertarians, TradCats, and Nietzscheans. The “race-realist” thing was always there but on the periphery. A lot these people were Joe Sobran-types that I thought could be steered toward national-anarchism, Hoppean anarcho-monarchism, or Kirk Sale/Bill Kaufman-like decentralism (and there was some of that present in the Alt-Right back then). But eventually the Alt-Right went in precisely the opposite direction I wanted it to go, i.e. becoming full-blown white nationalist and then pro-Trump. Now it’s just a joke.

    Nowadays, I tend to blame the “libertarian to SJW pipeline” and the “libertarian to Alt-Right pipeline” equally for the destruction of the libertarian moment. If anything my experieces between 2006 and 2016 have led me to believe in the soundness of the ATS approach that I developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s, i.e. Anarchy First, the primacy of anti-imperialism, rejecting the left/right/center paradigm in the conventional sense something like the N-AM approach, rejecting the “who’s most oppressed?” pissing contest in favor of the panarchist apporach, etc.

    In more recent years, I’ve mostly worked with pro-Resistance Block elements and anti-imperialist Communists. I’m almost back to where I was in the 80s when I was working with Stalinists, Maoists and Trotskyists against Reaganite foreign policy.

    • Which all makes total sense. I agree, the PC/SJW movement (which has major overlap with the LGBT movement) is a distraction from our REAL sociopolitical issues. And I support the right of any small community to discriminate for whatever reason. Sorry if I came across as cavalier, but I simply feel that ArchRevenant’s degree of homophobia/transphobia is equally distracting from the real issue. Not so much the prejudice, but the attitude, the arrogance. Sherry Voluntary has the right idea. All that matters is anarchy, first and foremost. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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