Ari: Dems. crushed Trump in biggest midterm blowout in 40 years

I agree with this analysis. The Democrats were the primary winners in this election by a significant margin. They flipped the House, multiple governorships, and multiple state legislatures. Votes on referendums like weed legalization and felon voting rights generally went liberal (although abortion related issues in some red states were an exception). The diversity count increased as well with the number of female Congress people increasing, record numbers of ethnic minorities, women, gays, Muslims, the youngest ever Congressperson, etc. all being elected. The Senate has always been one of the more conservative institutions, and that’s true today because the “red zones” get a sum total greater amount representation there. The left/liberal/progressive/whatever side is definitely winning as a far as the big picture is concerned.

Plus, I see Trump as far more liberal than his predecessors. He was a Democrat for most of his life, married a former Playboy model, bangs porn stars, seems to have no problem with legalizing weed or gay marriage, pardoned some black drug offenders, hangs out with rappers and Hollywood celebrities,etc. If he had been the President 20 years ago the religious right types would be going ape shit insane over his lack of morals and character. His actual instincts on a lot of foreign policy and economic issues seem more “liberal” than the normal Republicans and many Democrats. His stance on immigration was “normal” 20 years ago. He’s no stricter on “law and order” than Bill Clinton was. Nowadays, liberals don’t seem to appreciate just how good they’ve got it.


In a Special Report, Ari Melber breaks down how Democrats had a decisive victory in the 2018 midterm elections, winning more House seats than they have in 40 years. Melber examines the myth of divided Government and shows how Americans have not been going back-and-forth in deciding which party should win the White House, but have in fact, by popular vote, preferred a Democrat for President in 6 of the last 7 Presidential races.


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  1. Don’t agree with everything Trump has done but he is the most down to earth president we have seen in decades. It’s time to move forward and stop the childish bickering, if we don’t get behind his better ideas we are just wasting time. The immigrants have to go through the legal process to become citizens or do you want more gangs in your neighborhood, don’t let your emotions get the best of you, common sense is a good thing.

    • Well, one of the many problems I see with Trumpism is that it largely represents what amounts to “middle America’s last stand.” To a large degree, Trumpism represents what Sam Francis called the “Middle America Radicals” that he hoped would become an insurgent force for right-wing populism, and “take back America” from liberals, neocons, and corporate Republicans. Francis’ vision seems to be playing out (in part) with Trumpism. I’m not making any argument about whether this is a noble ideal unto itself, but it doesn’t seem to be a winning game in the long run.

      I was one of the few people associated with the Alt-Right (before the Alt-Right became a basket case and a shit show), along with Jack Donovan, that did not endorse Trumpism because a) Trumpism doesn’t reflect my own politics b) I figured Trump would largely become an establishmentarian and govern from the center (which is what has happened) and c) I saw it as a distraction that amounts to a losing game in the long run.

      Many Trumpians seem to forget that Trump actually lost the popular vote, and that hard-core Trumpians are mostly middle aged to elderly, rural, small town white people in the red states, or working to middle class people in the Rust Belt that are being reproletarianized. These are precisely the demographics that are in the greatest state of decline, which is why they jumped for a supposed maverick figure like Trump. In the future the USA will become increasingly Blue and the Red zones will become increasingly Purple. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/11/06/election-results-democrat-control-house-gridlock-republican-senate-congress-column/1906702002/?fbclid=IwAR3TDnx5u3F_1lt40INnyN-Q5QTwW9tdmoAmzSb3HPoJTdLb0kZzUsV3GFs

      What we are doing on this site is largely about building a new radicalism that challenges both the declining Right and the ascendant Left from a perspective that is in many ways further left than the “normal” Left. For instance, I see the conventional left as largely conservative. Liberals are merely centrists. The Democraps are center-right by world standards. The SJWs are just priggish moralists in the tradition of the Legion of Decency and the Moral Majority. The Antifa are just the “new skinheads.” And even Communists are just Russian and Chinese versions of a Republican (only with a Putin or Xi festish rather than a Trump festish). We mostly represent the anarchist tradition, i.e. the anti-Marxist far left, although I would argue that anarchism is its own paradigm with its own historical trajectory that includes what might be considered left, right, and centrist dimensions.

      At present, we should be working to simply disrupt and delegitimize the system in any way that we can. In an ideal world, the federal, state, and local governments would be dominated not by two parties but by 200 parties representing every kind of freakazoid quack ideology, and every scumbag special interest group imaginable, and with offices being held by everyone from rappers speaking in beats and rhymes to true believers in the lizard people conspiracy to self-proclaimed UFO abductees to exorcists to MS-13 members to “otherkin” types who think they are really a dog or a vampire. Diversity is our strength, and all that.

      Gridlock Uber Alles!

    • The immigrants have to stop coming and the ones here who are not citizens have to go home. That is the only way to keep the USA from becoming a 3rd world shit hole. The USA does not have magic soil that can raise the IQ of low IQ people. If whites become minorities the USA is through. If you think its racist to tell this hard truth it means your dumb.

      • You again.

        My dumb is what? You didn’t finish your sentence. Or you mean “you’re dumb”, as in “you are dumb”, not “your dumb”. Dummy. For being such a smart white American, your English is absolute shit. Welcome to an anarchist blog: a place where most people actually have common sense, but you get the occasional authoritarian dweeb who can barely read or write their native language.

        You know that IQ is a very inaccurate assessment of intelligence, yes? IQ tests are quite biased toward people with a similar neurological makeup as myself. If you really believe IQ is an accurate measure of intelligence, then you yourself are the dumb one. The USA and ALL modern nations will be “3rd world shit holes” soon enough. You must have a very limited knowledge of ecology, biology, and anthropology; otherwise, you would understand the inevitable rise and fall of all animal species. Including humans. Races come and go, both humans and bananas.

        Go ahead, start insulting me. This is fun.

  2. The incumbent party usually does poorly in mid-terms. The Democraps performed very well in this election considering it’s a mid-term. But what matters in the long run is demographics. What many people aren’t taking into account is the long term effect of both demographic change and “walk away” on electoral politics. The Repugnicans are actually becoming more “diverse” as a party (a fact that often gets ignored) and the “walk aways” as well as Trump himself are moving the party leftward. Meanwhile, the Democraps are moving even further leftward.

    Of course, I’m using the terms “left” and “right” within an American framework. In most democracies, the Democraps would be considered a center-right party (like Germany’s CDU) and the Repugnicans would be considered a far right party like El Salvador’s ARENA. The Democrats are “leftists” only on diversity quotients and “social issues” like transgender bathrooms.

    Two points that I made back in the early 2000s come to mind:

    “In developing a new North American radicalism, we must first consider the nature of the enemy. The US ruling class has continually drifted leftward over the last century to the point where the “Old Left”, the Marxist/Trotskyist/New Deal intellectual Left of the 1930s, are now the ostensible conservative Republicans while the Marcusean cultural Marxists of the 1960s “New Left” are now the liberal Democrats. If this historical pattern continues, then an on-going leftward drift will mean that within a couple of decades the ostensible “conservatives” or “right-wing” will be the present day reactionary liberalism of Dianne Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Albert Gore, John Kerry, Michael Moore and Morris Dees. We can easily envision an ideologically and intellectually decrepit lot such as these presiding over the final days of the crumbling US empire.”


    “Breaking down the “red/blue” divide on stricter ideological grounds, it is important to realize that rank and file Democratic voters are typically far more reasonable people than the cultural Marxists or shyster politicians who comprise their leadership. Similarly, most rank and file Republican voters are not radical theocrats or crypto-nazis as the reactionary Left hysterically proclaims. Indeed, most Republican voters are political moderates, “small c” conservatives in the Goldwater tradition, libertarians, Second Amendment advocates or simply taxpayers or business interests “voting with their pocketbooks.” Even many on the “religious right” are single-issue voters opposed to abortion and perceived, and often genuine, attacks on their culture or religious liberty by militantly secular liberal elites. And the hardcore racist right-wing exemplified by the Klan, Nazis, skinheads, etc. has no sympathy in mainstream American society. A conventional politician who received the endorsement of David Duke or the National Alliance would regard such an endorsement as a liability.”

    I would generally stand by these points, with the addition that the neoconservatives that dominated Republican politics in the Bush years have largely (but not entirely) been shoved aside by the Trumpians, and the populist right has become an insurgent force among the Republicans. I would have predicted the latter but not the former. The neoliberals have come to define “the center” while the Democrats generally are moving leftward internally.

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