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What’s Going On With Venezuela?

A reader writes:

“I have a news item that might interest you. It is a 47 page report (with references) from the Human Rights Commission by one of their independent experts sent to investigate Venezuela. In the report he names the US, Canada, EU and Columbia and specifically Barack Obama and Donald Trump as needing to be charged with crimes against humanity. He documents how the media, IMF, World Bank, Standard&Poors, Moody and Fitch, as well as internal named opposition, NGO’s, international monetary exchange criminals colluded. He references work by Abby Martin and the Real News in some of his sources. Here is one of his recommendations:
The Independent Expert recommends that, until the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court address the lethal outcomes of economic wars and sanctions regimes, the Permanent Peoples Tribunal, the Russell Tribunal and the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission undertake the task so as to facilitate future judicial pronouncements.”

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  1. His “pathetically low approval rating” won the last election with over 68% of the vote in an internationally observed and fair election.

    • Okay so I am reading through this article from the National Review. Malaria…yes it is terrible.That is why blocking a country’s access to anti-malarial drugs is criminal. So when are we going to bring the US and Colombia to trial for their illegal block of anti-malarial and anti-viral drugs to Venezuela? They did get through the epidemic thanks to India ignoring US sanctions for humanitarian reasons and sending a ship with medication..which the Venezuelan gov’t paid for!

    • As I understand it, he re-scheduled the election…TWICE…. Suppose in 2020 Trump re-schedules the election to be 6 months early, apparently without any legal justification. Would his opponents and the people who hate him say that was okay?
      Does Venezuela have any legal provision for so-called ‘snap elections’? UK does, America does not.

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