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A Politically Incorrect Guide To Not Being a Dick

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Land

Political correctness is a fucking bust. It may have started with the best of intentions but so was the Russian Revolution and both ended in bourgeois tyranny. Political correctness has been more or less the law of the zeitgeist since the early Eighties when the radical feminists teamed up with the puritanical Reaganites to poop the raucous party of the Seventies, after the CIA unleashed AIDS to kill all the fun faggots (I’m only half-kidding). And in the proceeding decades the PC revolution has achieved absolutely nothing. Black and brown people are still poor as dirt. Women and femmes are still roundly violated on a daily basis. And the prison state has never been stronger.

The only thing political correctness really achieved was making it easier for bigots to hide behind the facade of good manners. Based on policy alone, the Clintonian Democrats clearly despise brown and queer people as much as those knuckle-draggers in the alt-right, they just know how to cover their ass with careful newspeak like “super-predators” and empty gestures to people who disgusted them three weeks ago when they weren’t politically viable. Personally, I’ll take an open bigot like David Duke over some squishy closet-basher like Alec Baldwin any day of the week. At least that silicone supremacist will call me faggot to my face.

So the current backlash against the malign influence of political correctness in not only totally natural, it’s also totally necessary. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a fucking dick. The reality is that marginalized individuals such as myself do have plenty of reasons to be pissed off and straight white cis-folk could strongly benefit from learning why and realizing that their mainstream cache does afford them some privileges that the rest of us don’t have. I’m willing to bet that most of you can enter a public restroom without having to seriously consider the possibility that somebody might set you on fire for having the wrong genitalia. But nothing gets solved without conversation, so I’ve decided to put together a few suggestions on how to be politically incorrect without being a total dick.


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  1. I comment on here because I’d rather not make a Blogspot account.

    In particular, I respond to:

    “There really aren’t a lot of good options when it comes to climate change which is why I don’t write to much about it. We really are going to have to completely rearrange the way we even look at society. The way we organize communities is a huge part of this. A lot of the causes of climate change can be traced back to the concept of suburbia. We need a localist revival on a massive scale that radically reduces the use of carbon vehicles and increases the proliferation of rooftop solar. Otherwise the earth will correct itself by reducing the viability of human existence. In other words, we need to shape the fuck up or we’re boned.”


    “Exactly, so… we might be boned. In which case, we need to go into survival mode, continue to advocate for the best but prepare for the worst. A lot of people will be tempted to resort to authoritarian methods but if we put this in the hands of the state they’ll do what they do best and use our resources to save themselves. Organize locally to prepare for a doomsday scenario so that at least some of the people who make it might be egalitarian minded.”

    Thank you for acknowledging the fact that we as humans have our limits. No matter what technology we invent to “save” our planet or our species, death and destruction are an inherent part of life. This includes extinction events. One species dies out, so another can rise up. The whole “circle of life” thing Mufasa tried teaching us. While I don’t deny the human role in climate change, I do understand how much greater natural forces are at work, forces that will eventually drive us to extinction regardless of what we do. Thus I agree strongly with organizing locally and preparing ourselves for a “doomsday” scenario, minus the “doomsday” rhetoric. Just do what other animals have always done: adapt to the current circumstances.

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