Absolute Immunity for Prosecutors: The Built-In Bias Against the Accused

Tom Woods interviews Professor William Anderson joins to discuss the perverse incentives in the American legal system that work against the accused and their ability to fight back against abuses and outrages perpetrated against them.

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Listen here.

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  1. Well, another Briar Patch subject that you have to fall thru the Looking Glass to get a grip on.
    Interesting take on the subject, and the Cato Institute did a panel discussion that was spot on:
    What the Tar Baby of Immunity is that is a just a legal fiction made up by the Supreme Court, back in the 80’s with no legal foundation.
    Long story how that came about, but they will dust it off and use it to shield law enforcement when it suits them. It’s just something hiding under your bed, but you believe it and that’s what counts….

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