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The Country with Zero COVID deaths

An interesting aspect of the pandemic has been the way so many left-leaning anarchists and libertarians have uncritically embraced the proclamations of “experts,” apparently forgetting the Frankfurt School critique of scientism and the Foucauldian critique of the therapeutic state. And many right-leaning libertarians have become all-purposes contrarians. By […]

The Conservative Surrender

Tom Woods interviews Paul Gottfried about a new anthology in which I have a contribution. If you want to know who is pulling the strings of FOX News, you need to read this book. Listen here. With the present pitiful showing by conservatives as the backdrop, Paul Gottfried […]

“Defund the Police?”

Tom Woods raises some important questions about “defunding the police” that left, right, and center libertarians (along with honest socialists and dissident rightists) should consider. The “progressives” aren’t going to give up on their beloved managerial state and social engineering this easily. And the now-hated suburbanite “Karens” are […]

Sheriffs Resisting Stay-at-Home Orders?

The therapeutic state vs. bourgeois economism? An interesting matchup. Tom Woods interviews Sheriff Richard Mack. Listen here. Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, who has a Supreme Court victory under his belt, joins me to discuss recent events involving American sheriffs and what […]

The Ignored Questions of COVID-19

Tom Woods takes on the white coat priesthood. Excellent. Listen here. In this episode I cover a lot of ground, albeit a bit haphazardly: the unintended consequences of “lockdown,” the superstitious reverence for “scientists” (who, contrary to popular belief, are not in fact qualified to answer all questions), […]

Tom Woods vs. Medical Martial Law

Tom Woods has been doing some good coverage of the present state of medical martial law this week. Check out some of these programs along with the comments from his e-newsletter posted below. What the Governors Should Do Now Dissident Virus Voices Is the Coronavirus a Libertarian Moment? […]

Non-Marxist Latin American History

Much of the Marxist history of Latin America is actually correct, even if one disagrees with the prescriptions that are typically offered. ——————————— Tom Woods interviews Dedra Birzer. Listen here. Dedra Birzer, lecturer in history at Hillsdale College, joins me for a bird’s-eye view of a major chunk […]

Doug Casey on the Coronavirus Fallout

The always interesting Doug Casey. Listen here. ——————————————————— Doug Casey, whose book Crisis Investing spent 29 weeks at the #1 position on the New York Times bestseller list, joins me to assess the fallout from the various governmental responses to the coronavirus, as well as his own approach […]

The Syria Withdrawal: Three Cheers

Scott Horton is interviewed by Tom Woods. Predictably, this is the best overview and discussion of Trump’s withdrawal from Syria so far, including a discussion of Rojava and Chomsky’s endorsement of US intervention on behalf of the Kurds. Listen here. ——————————————————————— Scott Horton joins me to discuss the […]

North and South Korea Making Peace?

Tom Woods interviews Michael Malice, one of the West’s most insightful commentators on North Korea. Listen here. I’d like for the upcoming Trump-Kim summit to be a “Nixon Goes to China” moment, and for Kim Jong-Un to become the DPRK’s Deng Xiaoping. But I’m not holding my breath. […]

The Truth About War Powers, the Military-Industrial Complex, and Militarism in American Culture

Tom Woods interviews leading antiwar commentator Scott Horton. Listen here. This is what our so-called “antifascists” should be attacking, rather than forming a neoconservative-liberal international-human rights imperialist-antifascist axis in service of the Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabi empire. ———————————— In something of a potpourri episode, Scott Horton and I discuss the real […]

The Totalitarian Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Tom Wood and Gerard Casey discussion the philosopher on whose ideas most modern political theory is based. The “social contract” is modernity’s version of the god-emperor and the divine right of kinds. Debunking social contract theory is fundamental to the advancement of the anarchist position. Listen here. The […]

Tom Woods on Syria

Some relevant comments from leading Rothbardian libertarian Tom Woods on Syria: “Well, Woods’s Law is on full display these days: No matter whom you vote for, you always wind up with John McCain. It’s as if the President, in his scramble to imitate Jeb! and Graham, forgot that […]

Cliches of Statism, and How to Answer Them

Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux discuss many of the cliches libertarians find themselves having to answer, involving child labor, labor unions, monopolies, the environment, and more. Listen here. I generally agree with the content of this discussion, except, like most mainstream libertarians, they’re going far too easy on […]